We have prepared a list for you to get familiarized with your Dashboard.

Don’t worry. Nothing too technical or complicated, we made things easy just for you!
Just read on any item on the list below to go to a specific page from the Dashboard.

Your Store name

Set up your store name If you still haven't, you can setup your Store name here and other general settings.

Set up your Shop

Here you can setup the details for your Store You can input your Store Address and other Store information that will be helpful for your customers to know more about your Store.

Setup your Payment Gateways

You can setup and edit your Payment Gateways. You have several options for this, a Credit/Debit Card based Payment Gateway, Bank Transfer Payment, even Cash on Delivery. Click on Go if you're ready to check and setup the Payment Gateways available for you!

Create Your Product

Start adding your Products. Personalize your product details, add an image of the product, set your price etc. You don't even have to worry if its in stock or not, you can add it now and set if its currently in-stock just update it later when you have the stock on hand! Click on GO when you're ready.

Personalize your site theme!

We have a pre-defined list of themes that you can choose from. If you're tired of the current theme and you want a fresh look, just head to Apperance > Starter Templates and select a theme that you fancy. You can do this everytime but be careful though, some themes change the layout of the website elements such as links, navigation bars, buttons etc. If you change themes everyday your users might get confused whenever they login.

Create or Edit your Pages

Here you can Create a page for your Site or Edit an existing page You can Edit your existing website pages here using the Website Builder set up for you. You can also Create a new page to if you need more pages on your Website.