eCommerce Website

Website Builder, unlimited pages, unlimited products Website hosting included

Order Fulfillment Locations

Unlimited stores
store interface accessible via Android/iOS mobile device

User Accounts

up to 3 free
including Admin user

Last Mile Delivery

yes, via RMS or 3rd party services

Cloudlite Fees

Cloudlite Subscription

Monthly: Php 898
Annual: Php9,878 (includes 1 month free)

Cloudlite Platform Transaction
Fee % of transaction ‘txn’ value

of total transaction amount

> Php1M – 2M
txn value per month

> Php2M
txn value per month

Additional Cloudlite User Account

Php 898 per month

Digital Payment Processing Fee

Php10 + 3% of transaction value, per transaction

Digital Payment Subscription

Php 85 per month

Add on Systems

Rider Management System (RMS) for Your In-House Rider Fleet

RMS Server Monthly Fee

Php 1,898 per month

Unlimited Rider User Accounts


RMS Transaction Fee

Php 10 per transaction

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System for Small-Medium Enterprises

ERP Server Monthly Fee includes 1 Free ERP User Account

Php 3,898 per month

Additional ERP User Account

Php 898 per month

All prices listed above are VAT exclusive.