Cloudshop is an integrated software offering of MDSCSI for use by individuals and establishments for the purposes of carrying on business activity. Establishing their eCommerce business, website builder, and including the activation of online payment services (GCash, Philippine banks, Paymaya, 7-11 channels included).

Enabling fulfillment from multiple locations and facilitating last-mile delivery through third-party services or by equipping in-house delivery operations with the necessary technology.

We are an innovative E-Commerce platform made for Micro, Small, and Medium enterprises

  • Allow the merchants to create an eCommerce website as easy as putting together your Facebook profile
  • Enable merchants to accept online payments and get riders to deliver as early as today, not tomorrow
  • Market and connect to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok seamlessly


Lead global digital transformation through collaboration,
creativity and competence.


Level up society with at-reach technologies of today for a
better tomorrow.

Why choose Cloudshop?

  • We make it easy for your to create your own professional website or eCommerce store to boost your sales and increase your online presence.
  • We help you monitor incoming and outgoing orders, save time, and efficiently process payments.
  • We assist you in managing support processes that include marketing campaign management, purchasing to payment, warehousing, and inventory, among others.
  • We can assign orders to riders and tracks them along the way. It will save you time in managing your shipments and deliveries.


The values that make us.

An organization’s values matter. All successful organizations have a set of values that guide and assist their employees in achieving not only their personal goals, but the organization’s as well. Our values are the essence of who we are and they summarize the purpose that we have.


Strong Foundation

Our people, infrastructure and financial health drive our success.

We must be strong to serve others; thus, we prioritize:

  • Wellness of all our employees
  • Fiscal responsibility and viability; and
  • Sound IT and physical infrastructure optimization


To differentiate Cloudshop in the marketplace, we innovate to:
  • Improve and expand Cloudshop services
  • Develop and implement new ways of working
  • Drive process efficiency

Culture of Excellence

Our goal is to build an exceptional product with the merchant and customer experience in mind.

Growth of Strategic Partnerships

We strengthen our service continuum through win-win partnerships.

We invest in mutually beneficial partnerships that advance our mission and our organization.

Flexible & Responsive Service Delivery

As business needs change, our operating mechanisms evolve.

Recognizing that change is constant, we have a culture and practices in place to ensure agility in the delivery of our services.